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Our award-winning personal tailoring is a smart investment decision that will last you for years.


Bespoke tailoring today gives you the ultimate in handmade clothing, with several appointments and at least two fittings to ensure your garment fits you perfectly.  We will design the right garment for you using your own unique pattern, matching the best fabrics and design features to ensure the very best combination of fit, versatility and design.

Our clients tell us what a pleasure it is to be part of the traditional bespoke way to make handmade clothing, with a classical three-fitting experience (just like on London’s Savile Row). Generally, you will visit us for three fittings taking about twelve weeks.  We will chalk and pin your coat (jacket) around you and you can see the inner working of the garment and the form the coat takes on you as it comes together. This ensures we can decide on all the major decisions of the fit, style and length of the jacket, right down to the small (but very important) details.  As the garment comes together, you will really feel part of the process and decision-making for your unique garment.

Our suits are available from £1800, jackets from £1400 and kilts from £1200.

bespoke tailoring

made to measure

Made to measure garments are a good option for people looking for a unique garment with a full range of choices, without being fully bespoke.  We will cut your garment from an existing block (pattern), making changes to take your figuration and sizes as required.

You will be able to choose fabric, styling, linings, buttons and any personal embroidery as part of the made to measure process.  Eight weeks after this, your garment will normally be ready for a fitting. If we need to make any small tweaks, we will take care of this for you at this time. Thereafter, we will do a final fitting, where you will then take away your unique piece of Andrew Brookes tailoring.

Our suits are available from £900, jackets from £700 and kilts from £800.

made to measure

personal styling service

Ideal for busy professionals and entrepreneurs, our personal styling service is designed to take the stress out of your personal wardrobe choices.  We will design your own interchangeable clothing collection, including suits, jackets, waistcoats, trousers, shirts, ties and knitwear, giving you back valuable time to get on with business.  Delivered to your home or office with 30-120 images showing what to wear together, this service is proving invaluable for busy people who want to perfect their own style.

personal styling