What’s for dinner? | July 2017

What’s for dinner?
Whilst you’d expect your tailor to ask you about your lifestyle, your job and of course, your style and clothing, it’s unlikely they would ask what’s on the menu for your family meal – unless, of course, your tailor...
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Why did Obama care? | July 2017

Why did Obama care?
What Henry Skinner of the 2006 film “A Good Year” highlights here is a very traditional opinion. Today, however, word of mouth and referrals are perhaps even more effective than the sense of exclusivity and the idea that tailoring...
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Tweed for a Texan | February 2016

Tweed for a Texan
Our last time meeting with our friend, musician Jarrod Dickenson, we were in early stages of designing what is now a fantastic three-piece suit. For those who don’t know, Jarrod is a Texas-born singer-songwriter currently living in New York....
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